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Introducing Pearls Of Shalom Ministries 501(c)(3)

Established by Don and Theresa Westbrook

​A small ministry with a big mission to offer hope, healing, and the gospel of Jesus Christ to hurting people everywhere. ​Pearls Of Shalom Ministries is making a positive impact on wounded hearts around the globe by caring and giving. Through this modest ministry, countless people have been blessed with donated resource materials, Bibles, blankets, food, and hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ.  To God be the glory and praise.


Pearls of Shalom Ministries, In His Presence, and Time with Theresa 

A significant focus of the ministry has been given to the hidden trauma of sexual abuse. A survivor herself, Theresa openly shares her journey of healing and restoration from the devastating effects of childhood sexual abuse with victims/survivors/perpetrators and anyone affected by this tragedy.

In the fight to prevent child abuse, Pearls Of Shalom Ministries donates copies of Theresa’s personal story, A Strand of Pearls to survivors, those who care for victims, and professionals who treat abusers as a resource to teach accountability and victim empathy. Other healing resources offered include the music video God's Pearl, and The Advocates of the Abused and Silent, a book giving voice to other survivors and insights into recovery. (Learn more)

With 1 in 3 females and 1 in 5 males being sexually assaulted before the age of 18, these ministry resources are a life-giving necessity! You may join our child abuse awareness and prevention efforts by purchasing our helpful ministry publications for family, friends, teachers, doctors, churches, jails, and crisis agencies. (Learn more)​

Continuing the mission of helping broken hearts find renewed hope and healing through God’s divine touch, we are pleased to offer Shattered, God Heals Broken Hearts. Shattered is a compilation of true stories from champions of faith who have survived some of life’s harshest injuries and given their pain redeeming purpose.  Help others heal by giving them a copy.  (Learn more)

Additionally, Pearls Of Shalom Ministries established In His Presence events. These meetings offer an environment to deeply saturate one’s mind, body, and spirit in the presence of God through heartfelt worship and Biblical teaching. Music,  fun, entertainment, and empowering speakers offer IHP attendees an encouraging, empowering, entertaining, and unforgettable experience. Join us at our next event. ​

​Expanding the vision of hope and redemption found through Jesus Christ, we produce the Time with Theresa Around the World, TV-Radio-Podcast, which provides God-honoring programming on every attainable platform worldwide. Help us reach more souls for the kingdom of God.  (Learn more)

Pearls Of Shalom Ministries exists to share the love of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Give with confidence.  Pearls Of Shalom Ministries is recognized as a 501(c)(3) ministry.

 All donations are tax-deductible.


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