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Theresa & Don Westbrook are the Founders of Pearls Of Shalom Ministries & Producers of the Time with Theresa Around the World, TV-Radio-Podcast 

Theresa and Don Westbrook are authors, producers, speakers, and ordained ministers. The Westbrooks faithfully support a Biblical worldview perspective and encourage others to strengthen their relationship with God. Together they give themselves to advancing the kingdom of God by using their resources and talents to reach people everywhere with God’s love and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

God first, then family and country are the greatest priorities in Don and Theresa’s hearts and lives. In times of hardships and blessings, God continues to be their source of strength to be loving parents, grandparents, and faithful witnesses for Jesus Christ.


Theresa Westbrook: Survivor, Author, Speaker, Producer, Minister, & TV, Radio, & Podcast Personality

When she isn't doting on her beautiful grandchildren and family, you will find Theresa passionately pursuing ministry and media. Her past career in nursing and Christian leadership has equipped Theresa with a loving and compassionate heart for people everywhere.

​Surviving and conquering an early life of dysfunction, childhood sexual abuse, poverty, and the death of two brothers, Theresa knows first-hand the joys of restoration found through God's healing touch and grace in the aftermath of life tragedies.  

​Her compelling books, A Strand of Pearls, The Advocates of the Abused and Silent, and Theresa's touching God's Pearl music video are making a positive impact on those affected by abuse.

These ministry resources are widely used by counselors, clergy, and professionals who help victims heal and recover and to teach accountability and victim empathy to offenders.  

​The popular Time with Theresa Around the World television show has given Theresa the privilege to interview celebrities, talents, singers, filmmakers, unsung heroes, and great Christian leaders around the nation. From light-hearted fun to deep discussions, Theresa Westbrook and her guests are sure to brighten your day, warm your heart, and encourage your soul. 

​Theresa's inviting smile and warm and friendly personality opens hearts everywhere. Whether she is in the store, behind the podium, speaking abroad, or in the television studio, she embraces people with love and joyfully ministers with prayer and God's Word.  

​Serving over thirty years in Christian leadership alongside her husband, Don Westbrook,
Theresa would be delighted to come and share at your next event upon request. (Click here)  


Don Westbrook: Minister, Bible Teacher, Producer, & Former Director in the Airline Industry 

When Don isn't working on his beloved inherited family farm or playing with his energetic grandchildren, he gives his time and talents to studying God's Word and the work of ministry.  

​Stable, reliable, hard worker, smart, and strong are words that quickly come to mind when describing Don's character. His past services as Pastor, Assistant Pastor, and Christian School Administrator have fully qualified him to mentor, offer prayer, counsel, and encourage others by sharing his strength and unwavering faith in God. His dedication to God, family, and country is seen every day as he pursues the blessed life found through Christ Jesus.  

Don's successful thirty-year career within the Aviation industry led up to his golden years of retirement. As a newly semi-retiree, he laughs because he is busier than ever these days with family, ministry, business matters, traveling, and learning the new world of senior living.      

​A Christian leader in ministry for over 35 years, Don loves to teach the Word of God, through the lens of a Biblical worldview. His years of studying and applying the principles of God to his life have given him the strength to stand during trials and tribulations.    

​Don serves as Co-Founder of Pearls Of Shalom Ministries and producer of the Time with Theresa
Around the World,
TV-Radio-Podcast. He is available to teach/preach upon request. (Click here


Don and Theresa Westbrook are sincere ministers that have been tried by fire. Their mature love of God, compounded with their years of hands-on ministry with people of all ages and backgrounds is needed in the world today. We have been personally encouraged by the Westbrooks throughout the years and most recently they have been a source of support to us and our church family after the death of our precious daughter. In pastoral ministry over twenty-five years, we highly regard Don and Theresa's unfeigned faith, and wisdom, and we honor their profound love and service for the kingdom of God."
Pastors Arthur and Johnna Green, River Alive Church  

"Don and Theresa Westbrook are amazing people who love God and serve Him wholeheartedly.  Theresa has the gift of encouragement and motivation.  She served on the board of the Christian Media Association for many years and did an outstanding job.  I highly recommend the Westbrooks."
Tim Shields, Director of Content, and the Christian Media Association 

"I had the pleasure of working with Theresa while I was President of the Christian Media Association. Her joy and desire for excellence are always present. She is an expert interviewer, does her homework, and produces engaging content."

Benjamin Dane, Producer/Artist

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Theresa & Don Westbrook, Founders of Pearls Of Shalom Ministries and Producers of the Time with Theresa Around the World, TV-Radio-Podcast.

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