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Time with Theresa Around the World warms the heart and encourages the soul. 

Thank you for your interest in the Time with Theresa Around the World, TV-Radio-Podcast.   

We are delighted to share more information regarding guest consideration and sponsorship opportunities for live around the world, studio, and on-location productions.

Theresa Westbrook
Host: Theresa Westbrook                 Guest: Dr. Robert Jeffress

Please read through the following details:
Live Around the World Production: 

  • Must have a good laptop or computer, microphone, and camera.

       (HD1080 preferred)

  • Must have good external lighting.

  • Must have a quiet environment for your interview.

  • Must have a visually acceptable background.

  • Must sign the required Talent Release form before the interview.

  • We kindly ask that you promote your guest appearance on the Time with Theresa Around the World, TV-Radio-Podcast before and after your scheduled interview.

Studio Production: 

  • Guest appearances are on a volunteer basis and honorariums are not available.

  • Your interview will air multiple times on several networks and social sites.

  • Shortly after the interview, you will receive a link to view and share your program. We do ask that the Time with Theresa Around the World Intro and Outro remain intact with your program.

  • If you wish to include a clip or images in your interview segment, you must contact us 1 week before your scheduled interview to discuss the request. If your clips and images are approved for your segment, you must send them to us through Dropbox 1 week before your scheduled interview.

  • We direct viewers to your website via text for more information about you and your product/project/ministry.

  • We kindly ask you to promote your guest appearance on Time with Theresa Around the World, TV-Radio-Podcast with friends, and associates, on your website, blog, FB, and other related social sites.

  • Please do not wear any checkered or small patterned clothes that would distort your camera image.

  • Please turn off your cell phone once inside the studio.

  • Please sign your Talent Release and email it to Theresa.

         (Signed release required before taping).

We are thrilled to have you on the program and look forward to our time together. Please help us grow the Time with Theresa Around the World, TV-Radio-Podcast by promoting your interview.
On-Location Production:
On-location media presence brings an exciting asset to your event. Welcoming on-location media production is an affordable way to get the word out about your organization and expand your platform. It is customary to offer the following:  

  • Free media passes to the event for Theresa Westbrook and crew.

  • Recognizing Theresa and the Time with Theresa Around the World, TV-Radio-Podcast as media in attendance through announcements and print.

  • Providing free space and time for on-location interviews within your event facilities.

Sponsorship Opportunities:
To further the reach of the Time with Theresa Around the World, TV-Radio-Podcast, we need YOUR help!

You are invited to become a financial sponsor of this popular Christian program that is encouraging, empowering, and entertaining lives every day!

We will post our special thanks to you, our sponsor, for a small donation, by  listing your name and/or business website on one episode. Each broadcast airs multiple times on television networks, radio, and podcast platforms. What a bargain!


Dr. Robert Jeffress, First Baptist Church in Dallas, TX

Author, Actor, Kevin Sorbo

Rallys For Christ, Filmmaker, Rick Reyna

Dr. Robert Jeffress, First Baptist Church in Dallas, TX

Holly Tucker, Country Music Singer

Lance Wallnau,
Lance Wallnau Ministries

Become a sponsor and contact Theresa today.

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