Pearls of Shalom Ministries

Theresa and Don Westbrook are ordained ministers and co-founders of Pearls of Shalom Ministries. The name of the ministry is symbolic because ‘Shalom’ means nothing missing, nothing broken, soundness, wholeness and peace. Pearls are priceless gems created by oysters utilizing their God given defense mechanisms against foreign invading irritants that cause deep inner pain.  As Ambassadors of Christ, the Westbrooks are reaching out to those in need of reconciliation, restoration, relief, and release from life pains inflicted upon them, with particular emphasis on victims of childhood sexual abuse. Working together, they use their resources and talents to help people who have been deeply wounded discover the healing and hope found in Jesus Christ.  Theresa is proof that the painful experiences of her past childhood traumas did not destroy her, but made her strong and confident in Father God, finding peace and restoration obtained through Jesus Christ.  

Theresa’s experience of childhood sexual abuse and other life tragedies have contributed to her empathy and love for others who are hurting. Her faith in Christ was the key to recovery from the past shameful wounds she experienced as a child to becoming the vibrant, confident, and beautiful daughter of the King she is today.  Theresa continues to cling to the loving hands of Christ as He leads her on the journey of life. 

Theresa has authored 2 books: “A Strand of Pearls”, endorsed by Frank Minirth, shares her experiences as a victim to encourage others to emerge from pain victoriously.  “A Strand of Pearls” is widely used by counselors to help victims of sexual abuse recover, and by professionals who rehabilitate offenders.
“The Advocates” is a compilation of survivor stories that is sure to inspire others to step up and become a voice for innocent victims of abuse. Theresa is also the producer of the award winning music video, “God’s Pearl”.  She is a sought after inspirational speaker for ministries who want to reach out to other survivors, and known for encouraging messages. Her friendly personality and captivating smile radiates warmth that causes others to gravitate toward her.  These qualities plus her genuine interest in the lives and well-being of others makes her a natural as the host of the “Time With Theresa” television talk show. Whether speaking to fellow survivors of abuse, professionals, unsung heroes or to someone within the field of media and entertainment, Theresa gives each a chance to shine in the spotlight as they share their faith, stories and talents. 

Don works fulltime as a Director of Zodiac Seats but still makes time to serve in Pearls of Shalom Ministries.  As Secretary/Treasurer, one of his most vital jobs is keeping the financial records up to date and over-seeing the financial wellbeing of the ministry.  His ministry service also includes editing the “Time With Theresa’ TV shows, helping with newsletters, photographing or videoing events and the all important job of escorting Theresa to media events!

 Don’s years of experience in church leadership and teaching the Word of God have fully equipped him to listen to, pray with, counsel and encourage others by sharing his strength and unwavering faith in God. Don loves to serve “behind the scenes”, but he is a steady tower of strength who is always willing to lend a hand wherever needed and whose contributions to the ministry are priceless.

Don and Theresa are the proud parents of one son and precious daughter-in-law and the grandparents of 3 beautiful “glam-daughters” and a handsome, energetic grandson. Time spent with family is an essential part of their lives and provides an additional source of strength to be Ambassadors of Christ and Advocates to humanity.



To request Theresa for speaking engagements, interviews, or book signings, please contact:

Phone: 940-902-9579
Ministry Email Address: theresa@pearlsofshalom.com
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Mailing Address: Pearls of Shalom Ministries, PO Box 228, Lindsay, TX 76250

 Pearls of Shalom Ministries is categorized as a 501-c-3 ministry.  All donations are tax deductible.